SHINOH Process

Enhanced traditional production methods through implementing 3D modeling and printing technology


1. Hand Sketch

The first step to realizing a vision is through a quick hand sketch. We rely and worship the use of innovative technology. However, we strongly believe the most beautiful and intelligent designs begin with a vision and idea, not in a computer software. 


2. Digital Craft

After a Shinoh original has been realized in a 2D world, the sketch is then 3D modeled in a computer software. This is where major craftsmanship comes into play. This process does not include sanding blocks or soldering guns, but a more accurate, powerful tool, where micro-scale of details can be controlled by the designer.


3. Production

Our design is realized in physical form through a 3D printing method called 'Lost Wax Printing and Casting'! It is generally a type of stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin. The last step requires sand blasting and hand-polishing for the perfect finish! 


4. Packaging

Lastly, our item is carefully packaged to ensure its pristine condition upon  arrival. We currently ship internationally from Seoul, South Korea.

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