First Entry

Dear Client, follower and/or passing-viewer,


This is Jiwon. I am the individual behind SHINOH. 


I'd like to introduce to you, 'Dear Client': an interactive archive of SHINOH's design content, inspirations and journey. Photography and text will be a large component to this page. The plan is to update you with SHINOH process & stories. In addition, it can be a place to hold start conversations about art, architecture & fashion. I'd like it to be be differentiated from a typical "company blog" and instead take form as a journal, filled with honest and authentic content.


Since the launch of SHINOH in March this year, SHINOH has made amazing progress. Today, I am able to share with you a part of this journey with www.shinoh.shop.  This is a a newly designed website, to facilitate a simpler and more streamlined experience for both the customer and myself. So welcome! Browse through and shop! Please don't hesitate to leave a product review or a comment below. Let me know how you enjoy this website update!



I am also very excited to introduce to you a number of new designs added to the SHINOH collection. As promised before the full I-CHING Series is here (better late than never). Each piece represents a unique symbol of nature and ancient wisdom. The Berry Series is a collection of jewelry with luscious volumes playing with forms of berry fruits. Finally, the Viking Ring and Butter Ring Wing are independent pieces soon to be accompanied by a complete Series each. Please allow me to write more in depth about all these beautiful pieces in my next entry.

Until then please enjoy these new products, website and images! Pick up a piece or two that you've been eyeing, in celebration of the new phase of SHINOH!
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Moving forward, I would like this space, (including the SHINOH brand), to remain as transparent as possible, especially about its journey and growth. There are brands that attempt to embody "perfection" in brand visuals and concepts, but many fall short in the actual functional parts of the company. For SHINOH, the quality of service, and products will always be the utmost priority to perfect. SHINOH will stay true to its vision of creating timeless yet unique designs. I am interested in gaining true fans of the brand not simply seek for temporary numbers. Hopefully, Dear Client, will help deliver my true intent for SHINOH.

Much love, 


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